Next Door Buddies Size Matters

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Next Door Buddies Size Matters
“Yeah. Damien.” Ben said for me as he skimmed past me.

I sat there, trying to pay attention, trying not to think of Hunky Jake and Hot Bod Ben.

Just to add to the confusion, Ben popped up out of no where.

Ben fallowed, pushing me into the boy’s locker room.

Ben locked the door, not waiting to see what my answer was, and then started to strip.

Ben, with his farmer tan, hot body; he was slightly hairy.

“Perfect.” Ben smiled as he pulled his boxers off.

My breath grew shallow as Ben sat down on the bench, the bench in-between his legs and his droopy ball sack was lightly placed on it.

Both of them didn’t waist any time, Ben made a quick thrust in-between my cheeks while Jake pushes his cock and mine together.

After a few seconds of dry humping each other, Jake moved away to sit on the bench, and Ben quickly fallowed.

“No way am I loose enough to get double entered” Ben and Jake laughed before Jake spoke; “Well, it’s time to loosen up, kid.” I shook my head. It was going to hurt like hell.

Pleasurable? If I was so scared of it, then why was my cock jumping at the idea? “We will start off slow.” Ben said as he sat back down, and laid down on his back on the bench, cock in the air.

Ben’s hands were behind his head, showing off his flexed muscles and his armpit hair.

I swallowed as he pushed his cock against Ben’s one more time, and then slowly started to poke the edge of my open hole.

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Head In The Tub

Ben emitted a moan; I could visualize it felling great having one cock rubbing yours, while fucking someone.

Ben’s hands were placed on my thighs, as he used them to help himself thrust into me.

Ben’s legs were over Jake’s, and my legs were over Ben’s, making this very easy for the both of them just to fuck the hell out of me.

When ever Jake would go up into me, Ben would go down, and when Jake would pull a bit of his length out, Ben would shove his in.

Thick ropes of cum shot out of my piss slit, landing on Ben’s chest once again.

The only one left was Ben, he was still hammering my hole like there was no tomorrow.
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