Nicole Aniston Lesbian Sex

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Nicole Aniston Lesbian Sex
Covered with women licking each other, scissoring together, or rubbing each other in some way.

Multiple men are on the sidelines, rubbing their hard cocks as they watch groups of women rubbing and sucking each other’s breasts, rubbing their breasts together, rubbing clits together, or licking each other’s hot slits.

Some women even came to rub their cunts while watching or to rub and pinch our tits while we scissored.

PART 2 – CUM INSIDE ME ————————————————- Eventually, the men who were watching became involved.

Ella laid down on a mat with her legs spread wide, our cum dripping out of her.

A man with bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a thin but muscular body, and likely 8 or 9 inch cock comes up to me and rubs his length up and down my slit “You’ve already been a naughty girl and came, didn’t you? I can’t wait to penetrate you” he whispers in my ear and to my surprise a resounding smack across my ass “I’ve been watching you, I can tell you like it intense. Do you want it?” he teases me by leaving his cock at the entrance to my cunt and leaving it there, letting me pulse and throb around the head of his cock.

“Oh just fuck her already, I want my turn. You always tease women, Luke.” I look over behind me, to see a man with styled black hair, and striking green eyes and a thin body with rippling abs rubbing his also very long 8 or 9 inches of solid cock.

Matt can no longer take me sucking on him so hard and cums down my throat while Luke cums deep into my pussy, shooting his load in me leaves cum dripping out the rim of my cunt.

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Massage therapist giving her patient some unknowing love.

Luke thrusts inside of my ass slowly, and Matt takes my pussy softly and gently – he really seems sweet, and the third man just wants to cum already and starts fucking my mouth.

Matt feels like ecstasy bumping against my cervix and rubbing against the soft velvety ribbed surface of my pussy.

After fucking for what feels like hours, all of the men cum inside of me, exploding in my pussy and coating it with warm cum, shooting cum in my ass and letting it drip down my pussy, leaving me a hot creamy mess between my legs.

The man in my mouth decides to cum in my mouth for a moment just to pull it out of my mouth and cum on my tits and watch it drip down my nipples and rub them for me.
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