Nina Hartley Mature with the boy has an anal

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Nina Hartley Mature with the boy has an anal
Sheila was going to the club for New Years with her husband Bernard , but the activities didnt start til 10pm. So currently she was still at her son/ master’s Rocky’s house totally naked except her leash, collar & 5 inch black spiked heels.

On her knees , Sheila was engulfing Rockys ginormous penis like it was a favorite sausage.

As her head bobbed at a feverish pace Rocky screamed obscenities at her.

Once Rocky was satisfied , he shoved his fist up mommy’s cunt , as always Sheila was embarrassingly wet and it didn’t take long for the middle aged wench to achieve her first orgasm , the taboo couple were now french kissing as Rocky kept fist fucking Sheila.

So Rocky stopped , mom he thought had to go to the club and she had to be alert for dads business partners he smirked.

As Rocky wacked off & Denise licked his ass, the middle aged woman on screen fucked herself with a champagne bottle , keeping with the New Years Theme.

Rocky grabbed Dee by the hair & now she was choking on his 11inch penis as he forced the married bitch to deep throat his dong.

Allowing her to come up for air , Rocky exploded & came all over face covering her face with jism.

Chapter 2 It was 10pm, as Rocky opened the door , Juanita led her mom Esperanza by the collar and leash.

In the meantime Denise the frenchmaid was in the kitchen preparing drink & snacks for the festivities Rocky loved the way Esperanza was dressed but thought Juanita was not dressed sexy enough.

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Rocky decided to fuck the much shorter Juanita doggy style as she ate her Amazon mom’s cunt.

Licking away at Esperanza’s pussy , Juanita’s pussy was soaking wet from the pounding it was receiving from Rocky’s 11incher.

Cindy’s mom was always ready , and that’s why she had recently become Rocky’s favorite.

Rocky told Esperanza to go grab the lube , upon returning from the bathroom Rocky and Nina started making out as Rocky fingered her asshole.

As Rocky kept drilling Nina he soon gave her what she so desired an anal cream pie.
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