O God, O son of his mother, the cow;

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الواد ينيك حماته البقرة وتقولو زبك بتاعي يا جوز بنتي ديوث
O God, O son of his mother, the cow;

“You are the sex goddess. Venus. the goddess of love. You know Venus. maa.” “Kanna,.your maa is not so educated who is she?” “She is the goddess of love.for Greeks maa” “OK. so what?” she is playing hide and seek with me.

Maa raised her eye brows as if asking ‘what?’ “You have such a lovely TITS maa.” I said gazing at her high boobs.

“God kanna! Your hands are so rough” “Does it hurt maa!” “No you fool! maa loves this.

“Want some Maa?” I stretched my fingers towards Maa’s mouth, which she sucked eagerly.

I holding my hard-on and rubbed it against mother’s velvet entrance “Will you let me in Maa?” “Is it right son?” “I don’t know maa. But I love it” “I too son. though It is a sin.I enjoyed much, I got unbearable joyyou know why because it is taboo, forbidden. I am sure you also enjoyed as I” “Yes maa Very much, much more than with Vishnu.” “Really!” “Yes, Maa you are such a beauty. sexy and suppleohhhh! Please Maa. let me enter the world of paradise.” maa said looking deep into my eyes said.

After five minutes of riding when I applied break at suddenly my bike jumped over a speed breaker, Maa’s firm smooth boobs touched my back and tingled me.

Seeing the chance maa hugged me so tight that her boobs have flattened.

“Don’t you have shame to tell that you are not having any girl friend” “Iissss.” “Why should I feel ashamed maa. I couldn’t get a girl friend that’s all” “Ummm is there anything special to be your girl friend.” Maa soothing my thigh asked.

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“Maa don’t see like that I am feeling shy.” “Oh! Ho. you feel shy when I look at you,. then you look at me temptingly in all angles.” “But, Maa I never saw you without cloths.” “Abbaaa. choopiste chooddamane.” saying so she gave a chapat on my head do quick.

Maa is standing at the kitchen plat form humming as usual ‘thu mera chand mai teri chandini’ it seems maa already had head bath.
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