Obedient Anal Slave

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Obedient Anal Slave
“Korin. My legs are tired a little bit. I want to put my legs on a footstool.”Sure master.

Without a moment’s hesitation Korin kneeled in front of me and stood on all fours like a little puppy.

If you use any other people as a human footstool it will be humiliating experience for them but Korin’s face showed no such emotion.

Korin took me to a reasonably large room and opened a cupboard.

Sitting on a comfortable chair I asked Korin to strip out of her cloths.

Korin started moaning, though most of the sound was muffled by the panties in her mouth.

Only half of it went inside and Korin started screaming on the top of her lungs.

Korin’s scream echoed throughout the room as I leaned back on my chair with satisfaction.

So my choices 10 or 20 didn’t make any difference to Korin.

Up on hearing me mention the game, Korin’s entire face tightened.

Korin jumped from her position and let out a long loud animalistic scream.

Korin’s scream gave me an odd satisfaction but that was not the point of the game.

“Korin the whole point of me beating you is to teach you not to scream under such conditions.

After some time Korin’s legs were full of thin red lines.

Till evening Korin stayed in her room, then she came outside and cooked dinner for me.

“Why don’t you go by yourself? Take Korin with you.

Korin told me that they belonged to the same batch in their academy and kept their friendship through Ash’s numerous visits to Boris’.

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Korin’s scared face and screams while I fucked her on the ass, ran through my mind.

I must say I lasted longer than I did with Korin and it was much pleasant with Dara not screaming.

The dress must be Korin’s as she didn’t bring her own.

Korin sat on the couch beside me and Dara was on the knees between her legs.

Seeing Korin’s discomfort Dara patted on her shoulder assuring her.

Korin gaped for air as Dara’s tongue entered her secret places, which people rarely explore.

There was only 3 minutes remaining and Dara was attacking Korin’s genitals like a starved dog, but Korin was nowhere near the climax.

Dara put two of her fingers in Korin’s sweet spot and used her mouth only to suck her clit.
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