Oh what with the big penis with the young boy

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Oh what with the big penis with the young boy
“No, don’t,” Mark exclaims! “Ok. But there ain’t much to see,” he comments as he licks Mark’s ear lobe.

To his shame, the young teen and everyone else in the room discovers that Mark without touching himself has gotten hard! His five and half inch teen dick is sticking out of the fly of his briefs pointing at the girls.

“Now ya think your hot pretty white girlfriend will still wanna play with THIS,” he SLAPS Mark hard across the teen’s dick stalk.

Being made to suck black cock was humiliating enough for the white teen boy, but Mark being made to ejaculate by the nigger’s big hands or his painful vacuum assault on the teen’s short, but thick dick was most embarrassing or so Mark thinks.

Initially Mark’s pain is horrible and he arches his back to draw away from the pain, but suddenly Triple B’s finger makes contact with something inside him and Mark is awashed in ecstasy.

The fat pig of man is all to happy to open up his mouth swallowing Mark’s hard teen dick and balls whole.

Moments later Triple B and Tareek leave Mark alone with DeShawn, Alejandro, and Rico to let the other men have ago on Mark’s dick sucking lips.

Mark is on all fours with DeShawn prone on his back and his face at Mark’s crotch still sucking the teen’s puny white boy dick to the root.

The nigger holds Mark’s glans between his upper and lower teeth, then sliding down the head, down the entire dick shaft scraping skin and threatening to bite down at the root castrating the poor white teen.

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Rico pulls out his big fat cock to keep Mark from choking and stroking his almost eleven inches of man cock the tan skinned brute walks around the twink and shoots chunks of man cum all over the small of Mark’s bare back and the cleft of his pale white butt cheeks.

“Ow. Ow. Ouch,” the blond teen exclaims as he chokes his painfully sensitive erection, “Oh, oh. Ouch. Ow. It hurts. Ow, my dick!” The colored men gather around Mark also stroking their giant prick stalks over the white teen’s face and chest.
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