Old and young lesbians have sex

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Old and young lesbians have sex

The other girl, Candy Twat, formerly Taylor, is a lithe, petite blonde, who spent the entirety of my time with Laura completely naked, blushing furiously, and rubbing her clitoris.

Slavetoy soon returns with three wine glasses full of what the smell and colour confirm to be warm urine and passes them out to the girls, who sip from them as if it is champagne.

Laura explained that the urine was from a mixture of men, dogs, and horses, as sadly they just couldn’t get men to piss in their mouths often enough to satisfy all their needs.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck men… but I didn’t want to consent to it. I wanted them to rape me. And so I cockteased them. I dressed like a big-titted slut, and I pretended to be friends with them, and I hugged them, and I hoped that one day one of them would just push me down and use me like I deserved. And when that didn’t work, I started fucking girls. I became a lesbian. I kissed pretty girls in front of men, and made out with them, and… I just got used to it.” She looks up at me.

“Lesbian sluts are like me. Our whole lesbianism is just like a mating display. It’s designed to attract men and get them to rape us. That’s what we want.” “The second category is lesbian bitches. They’re the worst kind. They use their lesbianism as a way to hurt men, to deny them sex. They’re often… feminists.” It appears to physically hurt Laura to say this word.
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