One of the hottest pantyhose worship scenes EVER!

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One of the hottest panty hose worship scenes EVER!
I looked up to see her looking into my eyes, smiling.

“Would you look at that? Our second date and you’re already in bed with me!” We both laughed, me probably more nervously than she did.

“Look how tiny she is. Her body is like your girlfriend’s body. That’s what you like, huh? You’re not into curves are you?” “I’m into girls of all flavors,” I said, feeling pretty suave.

“OK. So here’s my problem. As you may have noticed, I’m a bit… endowed. If I wear shirts that go too low, I look skanky, and girls give me mean looks. But if I completely cover up, attractive boys like you have less to look at. So I need to find a comfortable median. Are you up to the task? It may involve a lot of staring at my rack, which you seem to have some skills in.” I laughed.

“Hey sailor. Looking for a good time? Eh? Anything?” “Look, you’re gorgeous, but I feel like this covers up too much. Try going way the other direction, and we can go up from there.” She winked at me.

She pulled me out, and our eyes met, hers looking down at mine.



「彼女がどんなに小さいか見てください。彼女の体はあなたのガールフレンドの体のようなものです。それはあなたが好きなものですね。あなたは曲線になっていませんか?」 「私はあらゆる種類の女の子に夢中です」と私は言いました。


「やあ船乗り。楽しい時間をお探しですか? 「見てください、あなたはゴージャスです、しかし、私はこれがあまりにも多くを覆い隠しているように感じます。私たちはそこから上がることができます。彼女は私にウインクした。

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