Passion-HD Musical Starlet Seduction

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Passion-HD Musical Starlet Seduction
Her hand slid down my arm and she took my hand in hers, our fingers intertwining.

Seeing me lost in thought, she asked, again giving my hand a slight squeeze, “What you thinking, big brother?” “Oh, nothing,” I lied.

“You are perfection, Jayda no matter what version of Sandy you want to be,” he said, taking my hand and giving it a soft squeeze.

As my favorite song of the play was performed, I crossed the last invisible boundary, my own Point of No Return, as I slyly moved my hand to his leg and slowly slithered up until my hand rested firmly on his, I was happy to find, fully erect cock.

A slight gasp left his lips on contact, but he didn’t move my hand away, instead, moving his right hand to my leg.

His hand on my leg had my pussy burning up and I wanted his hand to move further north, to touch my tingling pussy.

Trying to imply my need, my permission, I slowly rubbed his cock through his dress pants, but his hand remained glued to my leg, his face remained stoic and unreadable.

Y took off his jacket like a gentleman and put it over my shoulders and took my hand and we began walking in the most beautiful city in the world, not as brother and sister, but as something undefined…something unexplainable.

For one evening we are just two lovers who just want to be with each other,” I suggested, as I slowly, moved my hand to my shoulder and teasingly allowed my dress to fall to the floor.

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Orgasms and more orgasms

His big stiff cock, eight inches at least, in my hand, I asked, “Is this hard because of me?” “It is all for you,” he groaned, as I slowly moved my hand up and down my big brother’s cock as I had fantasied about so many times.

A moment later, I moved back up, took her hand and looked into her crystal blue eyes and said, meaning it with all my heart, “Jayda, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, both inside and out.

My hands explored her entire being, I gently moved them through her hair, I slid my hands down her sides and hips, I cupped her firm, heavy breasts and I rubbed the top of her pantyhose getting dangerously close to her pink pleasure, yet never touching.
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