Peta Jensen Fucks Her Boss

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Peta Jensen Fucks Her Boss

Kayla smiled sweetly “Hi, I’m so sorry to bother you but I was wondering if I could use your phone real quick, my car just quit running and I left my cell phone on the counter when I left earlier. If I could just call my brother, he’s a mechanic and he lives locally.” Laura, who stood eight inches taller and outweighed Kayla by sixty pounds, figured that she had nothing to worry about and stepped aside, welcoming her in.

Unbuttoning her jean shorts Kayla continued “It’s very important that you help us and the only way to make sure that you are going to help us is if you are in the same predicament that Tom over there is in. So”she was naked now and she took the tiny spray bottle from Tom and held it up so Laura could see it.

“Kayla, have you looked at yourself lately? Your clit is huge. What the hell is happening to you?” Kayla smiled as she lowered herself down “I kinda like it. It’s sooo sensitive. I can almost cum just from walking. The friction is marvelous”.

Sometime during the intensity of Kayla’s wild orgasm, Laura started her own orgasm.

Kayla walked back into the room fully dressed and got on the floor next to Laura.

Back in the car, Kayla and Laura sat in the back seat again while Tom drove home.

Kayla striped her pants off and sprayed her pussy with the new bottle, then grabbed Laura by the hair and pulled her roughly down.

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Thinking Kayla must still be asleep, he helped Laura over to the front door.

” Kayla said to Laura, then she pulled up the robe she was wearing that she had found in Kayla’s closet and lowered her ass down to his face-still twitching from the jolt.

” Losing her cool, Kayla yelled “What the hell do you want from me?!?” “We want to study you Kayla.

” Kayla thought about it for a few moments before asking “And what if I refuse?” “Well, in that case, we would have to call the cops Kayla.

Behind Laura, Tom had collapsed on the bed and was longingly staring at Kayla.