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Pizza That Ass
As Erika did, Ross grabbed the leash so Erika couldn’t move too back.

Ross started finger fucking Erika, and Erika started moaning and biting her lower lip.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I yell at Erika, “Dumb bitch loves to moan and scream.” Joe fingers her harder and now with three fingers and Erika bites her lower lip being very careful not to make a sound.

“Joe! You fucking rascal! Long time no see.” “Ahh c’mon, Wei! Where else can I get over-priced crappy food that’s burnt half the times?” Wei looks over at Erika, sees the leash and then looks at me, “Who’re your friends?” Joe introduces me and Erika and asks for a nice booth in the rear.

Tom reaches for the leash and pulls it hard and Erika falls over backwards.

Tom’s buddy, whose lap Erika’s head is on, reaches over and squeezes Erika’s tits.

“Fuck yeah their amazing!” “I gotta feel this,” Said another guy and he reaches over and gropes Erika.

The guys follow Erika’s ass and Tiom pays the bill.

Tom takes Erika and kisses her had on the mouth, he spreads her legs and starts fingering her.

Erika makes gurgling sounds as their pre-cum and her spit mix in her mouth and throat.

One guy goes behind Erika and spreads her legs wide, he lifts her ass cheeks apart and thrusts his cock inside her asshole.

Erika is now on all fours: one guy shoves his prick in her ass while another shoves it down her throat.

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The guys surround Erika, and one of the starts slapping her tits, while another shoves his cock in her mouth.

We all hear the last guy tell Erika to Open wide and say ‘AHHHH’, and we heard Erika obey.

As all the guys hooted and whistled at the image of Erika on the plasma screen, I observed Erika.

Erika’s gag reflex had gotten much better Derrik start face fucking Erika a little harder and harder.

“Come Erika, show the guys how thirsty you are,” Tom said as he pointed the camera on Erika and the cum-filled container.

” “White trash ain’t gonna get any better then this!” Tom shut off the camera, walked up to Erika and said, “The ride is closed!” “How did I do Master?” Erika asked me.

Erika ran her hands over her tits and said,”can you see my nipples through this?” Mr.Novus stared at her chest and finally said, “Nope.” “OK,” Erika said and quickly removed the top and asked for the other one.

The moment the door closed, he slapped Erika hard on the ass.
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