Please don’t cum inside me

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Please don’t cum inside me
I don’t know what’s come over me recently, I feel so naughty.

“Listen, I know what you’re thinking.” He puts his hand on my thigh, I feel paralyzed.

Not with fear, with anticipation and excitement as I feel his strong hands gently squeeze my inner thigh.

I can feel his head pulse with his hear beat as it pumps blood into it, I’m sure he can feel the same in my swelling labia.

As he begins to thrust they begin to slap my clit from behind, adding an extra layer to the already dense sensations of pleasure I’m feeling.

I can feel myself coming close to an orgasm, I put my hands on Colins and grip them tight, my body tenses up.

I can feel the suction in my pussy as it grips him on the back stoke, I’m sucking his cock with my pussy and slobbering all over it.

Just as the orgasm is about to fade I feel him angrily thrust himself back inside my pussy with no warning and my orgasm begins to climb in intensity once again.

“Codoms suck! I’m going to have to fuck you real hard to feel anything through the rubber!” Colin growls, he is true to his word as well, he fucks my pussy so hard it hurts.

“There, there, that’s it, cum for me.” Colin says gently, it’s nice and makes me feel loved to hear him speak to me like that.

Normally It would take more than a few softly spoken words to make me feel this way but the orgasm is elevating my emotions.

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I feel him push inside me and throb as he pumps his gooey seed into the condom.

At first I only feel the throbbing of his cock but soon I start to feel something else, a swelling in my womb.

It feels strange but in a good way, like most of the things I have been feeling tonight.

I feel the last throb and then I feel him softening inside of me.

“Lets see if we can’t get this thing out of you.” I can feel him pull on the condom and the balloon knotted inside me tugs at my womb.

He pulls hard and I can feel the balloon start to make its way out of my womb and slowly slide out of me.
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