Please fuck me! – Miss Banana

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Please fuck me! – Miss Banana
Chris’s noticeably experienced hands delicately cupped Marcia’s breasts through her tank top, and pulled her up against his strong body.

The time passed quickly, as I watched his hands cup her breasts more, his lips softly touch to her neck, and his hands deliberately move down to her thighs to caress her skin more.

His mouth moved up, to nibble on her ear while his hands cultivated her lust until she was filled with such a desire that she leaned up against him, finding it hard to keep standing.

His hands were on Marcia’s ivory ass: one on each cheek, his fingers digging to the soft, supple skin as he pulled her body into him.

His hands roughly massaged her bare ass, stroked it, gripped tighter, and pinched it, pulling her against him to end each sensation with the constant soothing warmth of his tender lips on hers.

His hands moved up to hers, and his fingers intertwined with hers and he held them above her head up against the wall.

His hands had now found their way to my petite ass, and were delicately rubbing the skin through my skirt and pulling my body against him and releasing in a steady rhythm.

His hands, very carefully slipped off my jacket, feeling my smooth-skinned arms as he pulled down the sleeves and dropped the jacket to the floor.

His hands rested at my bare shoulders, my upper body completely open to him except my bra, and he slipped his hands around my slender body and pulled me up against him in a devoted embrace.

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Mine were smaller than Marcia’s, but the pale orbs of soft skin fit well into his large hands and he enjoyed playing with them.

Chris interrupted my thoughts by tightening his grip on my soft skin and easing his warm thumb into the center of my breast while the rest of his practiced hand would alternate between cupping either breast.

One of his hands gently released my fingers from his dick and he took it into his own hand.

His hands cupped my breasts, squeezed them, pinched the nipples, and played with them while he thrust in and pulled out in a seemingly endless cycle.
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