Property Sex – Thieving Asian real estate agent fucks her way out of trouble

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Property Sex – Thieving Asian real estate agent fucks her way out of trouble

” Master Brown I am Elise and it gives my heart great joy to meet you, Sir.” Frank looked confused and wondered why these two beautiful women addressed him as Master Brown and why it gave their hearts great joy.

” Kim Li please explain to me please what Mr. Long meant when he said that you were the property of Mrs Shultz and why are you addressing me as Master Brown?” Kim Li started explaining.

” Master Brown we three served Master Shultz and Mistress Shultz as their slaves.

Are you happy as slaves to a Master?” Kim Li replied.

“With a Master like Master Shultz or a Mistress like Mistress Shultz we are extremely happy to serve.

” Mistress told us before she passed what her intentions were for the estate and that she chose you to assume the estate because she felt like you would me as good or better Master for us.

” Monique rose asking ” What would Master like me to prepare for lunch.

” How may I please Master?” He turned to Monique.

Mean while Kim Li informed the three girls that Master Brown told her to let the girls pick their rooms in order of their ages.

Kim Li smiled and took her to the room facing Master’s room.

Master moved to Kim Li between her spread legs he moved his hand under her skirt pushing it up to her waist.

” Master, Monique took the words right out my mouth.

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“Master there is an elevator to our rooms to the right of the stairs.

Monique, Kim Li, Elise, and Angela came down the hall from one end of the mansion talking, laughing and holding hands and got to Sandra as Master and Mom arrived from up stairs.

” Master do you know that our three new sisters have masters degrees in multiple fields and that they each speak four languages?” ” I am so impressed and proud that they are my sisters.

” Kim Li, why did Master need rope, blindfold and butt plugs to tuck the girls in.

“Master there is lube on the night stand also if you want to fuck my ass.

Kim Li spoke? ” Good morning from all of us, Master.

“Janis did you make this?” ” No Master Monique made it from the recipe I gave her.
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