Public Agent Fit British women gets fucked in her new gym

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Public Agent Fit British women gets fucked in her new gym

Her hand still hidden under my mac “Squeezed my inner thigh higher harder, and closer to my already stimulated private’s than it had been before” as her elbow was now next to my ribs! I did not know what to say, and just sat there “Frozen” with my face flush once again! She said as she flashed me a knowing smile with those beautiful eyes of hers,.

Saying “Things like that happen”! Her hand had now in its travels upward felt the plastic bag and had “Grabbed hold”! “In shock I had loosened my grip” and this woman easily pulled it from my hand and out from under my mac, and was now “Eying” it very closely! I was absolutely mortified and paralyzed with fear that this beautiful woman, the one I just met, had in her hand, two of my most “Private intimate personal possessions” ! Noting my discomfort, and in a very matter of fact and disarming way said, Oh don’t worry my “Dear”,.

Pulling it up and sticking both in, saying that she would be more than happy to keep them safe for me! Her hand then returned to the same place on my thigh under my mac! At first she just inched my skirt up a little, and then a little more, as her apparently well trained fingers finally found my bare and now very wet pubic folds! This attractive young woman continued casually talking about England, the States, Chicago and the kind of business she was in, still with one hand on me.

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Even though it was now early afternoon most of the cabin lights were out and many people were sleeping or trying to, in order to reduce the effects of jet lag and all of the time zones we were crossing! Lena still had the folded blanket on her lap, had taken my hand and had guided it under her blanket, she was wearing a woman’s reserved business suit and had unzipped the side nearest me! With her hand clutching several of my fingers, had taken them further through the suit’s opening and had continued guiding them into her panties and directly to her clit! “Yes, we touched each others clits with our fingers”! She had the most amazing “Clit it was a bit larger than mine”, the warm fleshy membrane and hood it was attached to was much longer than mine.
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