Punish Teens – Hot Step-Daughter

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Punish Teens – Hot Step-Daughter Punished and Fucked After Partying
Veronica had become somewhat of a fetish for Rachel, an amazing force that willed even Rachel’s tight pussy to leak onto her bedsheets when Veronica wasn’t there.

With Veronica’s fingers still in her grasp, she pulled her long awaited lover into her arms and slid her tongue into Veronica’s sweet lips.

Veronica moaned, positioning herself closer to her busty brunette roommate, and Rachel picked up Veronica by the ass, wrapping her around so that she had Rachel’s torso between her steamy wet thighs.

“Oh God,” cried Veronica, “please…no…it’s amazing, Rachel! Fuck me…” Rachel drove the vibrator into Veronica’s pussy repeatedly, again and again, feeling her own end getting soaked with furtive pussy juices as Veronica moaned and screamed, her arms flailing against the bonds she was unable to break.

“Ohhhh…UNHHH!” Veronica screamed, and with one last shove Rachel drove the vibrator as deep as she could go into Veronica.

” “I’ll never do it again for anyone but you,” Rachel sighed, laying her face onto Veronica’s right nipple and sucking it lightly as Veronica breathed heavily above her.

The blond girl’s sweet blue eyes looked into Rachel’s brown ones, and Rachel was so overcome with need for Veronica that she squeezed herself tight to her and began massaging one breast in each hand, while kissing her lips, licking them and then forcing her tongue into the back of Veronica’s throat.

Veronica, at the sight of her girlfriend’s pussy being tongued and licked clean, moaned and cried, “Oh Rachel, let me have some!” Rachel crawled onto her sweaty, sexy chest and was about to let her when Jake butted in, too needy to let Rachel have all of the beautiful Veronica.

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While Veronica tasted sweet dick, Rachel wrapped her legs around the moaning girl’s ass and humped her with her wet pussy to Veronica’s ass cheeks.

The girls fucked the life out of each others’ pussies until there was nothing left in them when Veronica could no longer go on, Rachel laid down on top of her sweetly and sexily, running her fingers in Veronica’s mouth so that she could taste Rachel’s sweet, delicious cum.
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