Rachel Starr’s hot booty bounces as she fucks

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Rachel Starr’s hot booty bounces as she fucks
“Whatever it’s not like I’m sleeping with a dude every night. I’ve seen you with that Tory dyke!” “OH SHIT! OH SHIT! And the plot thickens!” I saw Fish backing people up and adding his commentary like a boxing announcer.

“I’d like you to meet Tory. Tory this is,” she looked at me curiously, “This is?” “Shit Rachel you don’t even know his name?” “Yeah if we’re going to do this I guess we should just keep it that way. We’ll just call you Pablo. Okay Pablo, me and Tory here have been wanting to do this for quite some time. If we like you, maybe we can do it again. Alright we all know each other! Let’s have fun,” Rachel said as she turned into Tory and kissed her deeply.

Over the brief shock of seeing a naked stranger, Tory returned her friends kiss and began searching her slender figure with lusty hands.

My wide eyes drank in Rachel touching herself again with ferocity in one hand, the other attacking Tory’s soft booty.

Tory swayed while brushing Rachel’s blonde hair with a flat hand.

Tory being thoroughly worked, Rachel ended her tongue lashing and walked back towards the couch.

With a twisted smile she said, “Ooo Tory do you like it when I fuck you slow?” “Mmmhmm,” murmured Tory through closed lips.

The three of us continued in this manner for a time, me fucking Tory, Rachel pretending to fuck Tory, and Tory just plain getting fucked.

Rachel released herself from me and climbed over Tory’s sweet body.

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With the position change, Tory came face to face with Rachel’s twat.

Rachel took a fistful of Tory’s hair in revelatory excitement.

The smack of my thighs against Tory’s round, large ass echoed through the room.

Rachel moved for me as Tory took my dick and directed it towards her spot.

Tory slowly inched down onto me and rubbed her wetness on my lower stomach.

We kissed before Tory positioned herself above Rachel and lowered into range.

Rachel took the lead, stroking my shaft with the head in her slobbering wet mouth, while Tory sucked on one of my nuts.
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