Reality Kings – belle knox fresh outta duke university

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Reality Kings – belle knox fresh outta duke university
Deep throating his impressive kid cock, massaging his nuts, and slurping like crazy.

Instantly my cock went to a mouth, and I realized without a doubt it was Belle.

No need to feed her, she was almost nuts deep with me on the third suckman she was a born cock sucker I thought.

After about two minutes I felt his cock spasm a bit, and the little shit pulled out and sprayed me with his cum.

We each had one side of his cock and were bathing him with our tongues and mouths.

Cecil moved off me and back to GregI am not sure if he pulled Cec off or if Cecil was doing this naturally, but for the next 5 minutes he was rotating our cocks, and I had to assume Belle was still sucking his cock.

We then took turns sucking his cock, and licking his nutshe was getting the full works for sure.

I held me cock deep in her and shot my biggest load in YEARS. I pulled out and was expecting to relax, but had Greg on my cum covered cock and sucking me clean.

Cecil must have sensed my presence because he stopped and looked back, but instead of last night when he would have jumped and ran, he looked me in the eye, grinned a bit, then turned around and went back to sucking Greg’s tiny cock.

Cecil would move his hand in motion with his uncles cock as we teased Belle together.

I told Belle to ride Cecil and she turned around, looked Cecil in the eye, leaned in and gave him a good kiss, and as she broke the kiss, she took hold of his cock, held it up, and lowered her cunt onto only the second cock she had EVER had in her.

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Belle was in heaven, eyes closed and bouncing on cock, so I took my cock and pressed it to her lipswithout opening her eyes or missing a stroke of Cecil’s cock she started sucking her horny uncle.

He pulled out with a plop, and his cock was COVERED in cum from him and Belle, without any hesitation Greg did as any good boy would do and slobbered on this cock and sucked it clean in about 4 strokes.

Cecil started to get up to stand and watch, but I simply put a hand on his shoulder, walked into him, and aimed my cock head at his mouth.
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