Reality Kings – FIT and sexy yoga student is seduces by her instructor

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Reality Kings – FIT and sexy yoga student is seduces by her instructor
Natalie’s timid, sweet personality matured over the years with confidence.

Natalie sighed as she pulled out her phone to check the time.

Mr. Pierce and Natalie began to meet for coffee more frequently.

Natalie trusted him always eagerly listening with her full attention.

At the same time, Mr. Pierce’s attraction grew stronger for Natalie over the last few months.

Natalie rest her head on the counter, falling asleep within minutes.

Natalie woke up the next morning looking innocently and lovely.

He felt more comfortable working with Natalie as he guided her poses.

One Saturday morning, Natalie came by to help Mr. Pierce with another one of his paintings.

Natalie was alarmed as she watched him pull her dress strap off her shoulders down to her wrist.

Natalie was adjusting her breast back into her bra and buttoning her dress back up.

Natalie was back all dolled up in an modernized kimono styled dress.

Natalie’s face became flushed red, caught off guard from his overwhelming aggression.

Mr. Pierce was completely astonished as he glanced into Natalie’s widened eyes.

Natalie felt an unfamiliar pleasure unlike anything she has ever experienced.

Natalie gulped nervously as she felt his firm grip on her waist, instantly pulling her towards him.

Natalie was panicking as Mr. Pierce continued to push his way inside her but it was no use.

Mr. Pierce was out of breath as he moved slowly causing Natalie to cringe.

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Natalie and Mr. Pierce stared at each other without a word trying to catch their breath.

His his head lowered towards Natalie gently kissing her on the neck.

Natalie dug her fingers into his back as she suddenly felt a sudden, intense, tingling sensation.

“I’m going again…” he uttered as hot liquid gushed inside her body triggering Natalie to moan and release as well.
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