Releasing after shower

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Releasing after shower

Moving down the bed, my head hovered over Alex’s cock.

“Oh, My, God” Alex moaned as I nearly reached the base of his cock.

“Fuck, you feel so God, damn, good,” I moaned, biting Alex’s lip harder while lowering myself onto his cock further.

Quenching my legs around his cock, I lightly began rolling my thighs around his cock.

Grabbing my ass, he pulled my cock closer towards his abdomen, thrusting into my cock.

As we came to a stop, I quickly grabbed Alex’s cock through his sweatpants and gave him a decent squeeze as I bit his lip.

Grabbing the base of his cock with the other, Alex slapped his cock against my face a few times before guiding it back towards my welcoming mouth.

As the elevator rose, I continued swirling my tongue around Alex’s cock.

Pulling me tight against him, lips entangled, I pulled our pants down, Alex’s cock poking towards mine.

With Alex’s cock sticking into my abdomen, I knew it was time for another round.

Grabbing the lube from my hand, Alex squirted some out and lathered up his cock as I turned against the entry wall.

Making our way towards the bathroom, Alex removed the condom that hugged tight against his cock, throwing on the floor by the others.

Turning me around, stomach now pushed against the chilled cold tile, Alex pressed his hard, raw, cock against my ass.

My hole, still full of lube, began to open as Alex’s cock slid into me.

Looking down towards Alex’s crotch, I could see his cock bulging from inside his sweatpants again.

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Looking around for cameras and listening to see if either of us could hear anyone, Alex pulled his cock out right there in the middle of the stairwell as the door closed behind us.

“For a sec,” Alex said, “Until we hear something.” Taking his cock into my mouth, my heart paced.

Quickly sliding his cock out of me, Alex pulled his pants up, cock between his waistband and abdomen.

“not too much noise!” “I’ll keep it to a minimum” Alex stated as he pulled his sweats down enough to free his still erect cock.

“Grab me the lube,” Alex said as he removed my cock from his mouth, getting up on his knees.
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