Riding Boyfriend Until He Cum Inside

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Riding Boyfriend Until He Cum Inside

A couple of months later she had a boyfriend and of coarse being at her age she was legal for sex yet so i made sure when her boyfriend came over they left the door open but i secretly wanted them to fuck and imagine me being in her boyfriends place.

The next day i made a plan while Emma was at school i hid a camera in her room and when they got home i told them im going to the store to get some groceries thinking to myself that should give them about an hour to do something sexual so i told them to be on their best behaviour as i went out i kissed Emma goodbye and walked out.

1 HOUR LATER I came home to find Emma and her boyfriend on their bed watching a movie i stuck my head in the room to announce my arrival.

The next morning was a Saturday so i had the whole day with Emma i made her her favourite breakfast choc chip pancakes and a caramel latte , Emma came downstairs with a smile on her face seeing her favourite breakfast giving me a kiss on the cheek my cock twitched in my pants knowing where her lips have been and whats been on them i decided to talk about her boyfriend asking them how they are getting along she wasn’t very enthusiastic with talking about her boyfriend i knew i had to get in deeper i went out on a limb and asked her if hes forcing her into anything she just looked at me and gave me a weird shook as she sipped her latte.

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The next day Emma met up with her boyfriend outside the house to break up with him i watched from the corner of the window as the event unfolded i could hear him calling her words like slut and bitch , these i could ignore but then he went to the next level and threatened to tell everybody how much of a sick whore she is this i could not ignore i burst out of the house grabbing him by the shirt threatening him to keep his mouth shut or i will make life hard for him then for the hell of it i took my right foot and kicked him right in the middle of the nuts.
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