Rough Anal on chair!

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Rough Anal on chair!
The view of her spectacular ass, in the tight skirt, as it bent over then stood back up, made the Governor bite the end of his cigar off.

His eyes nearly boggled, and he exclaimed, “Man, that is my favorite kind of sex outfit. Would you look at that fuckin’ body in that garter belt and nylons, Mike. God damn she is one hot looking piece of ass.” The Governor immediately unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and boxer shorts down around his ankles, displaying his gigantic, 12 inch cock, then grabbed the completely stiff, very dangerous looking weapon firmly in his right hand, ready for action.

Her slutty crotch and anus work got results, and she heard the Governor say, “God damned, Mike, this is one dirty slut we have here. Shit, this is so fuckin’ good. Eat me out you beautiful, ass kissing bitch. Damn Mike, your old girlfriend is really giving her husband the nasty cuckolding that I hoped she would.” After letting her continue her ass worship for quite some time, the Governor was ready to put Saul to the sword.

The Governor put one long arm around her back and filled his hand with one of her large, perfect boobs, while he put his other hand between her legs where he could easily stroke her clit and finger fuck her pussy.

” The Governor got to his feet, walked over to the middle of the carpeted floor, then laid down on his back, his pants and shorts still down around his ankles, and said, “Now you hot assed slut, crawl astraddle of my hips, in the reverse cowgirl position, then sit on my pecker and fuck yourself with it, while I lay here and enjoy the show as you cuckold the shit out of your pompous, kike husband.

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The watching Governor complimented her, “Now that is what I call a great job of starting off the pussy fucking portion of my plan to totally cuckold your fucking husband.

The Rest Of The Fucking Rape Bait Plan: After the Italian jerk’s prick had ejaculated his semen into her oral receptacle, and as Margie was pushing his load of hot jism out of her mouth and letting it run up her nose and into her eyes and all over her forehead, Mike proceeded with telling the Governor and The Blonde Avenger about the rest of his rape plan.
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