Sakura Sena’s seductive sex tape!!

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Sakura Sena’s seductive sex tape!!
Hinata got up and cleared a space on the table in front of Naruto before lifting the lavender dress she was wearing off over her head and sitting down.

Naruto bit his lip as he came hard into Hanabi, who in turn screamed into her sister who screamed her orgasm to the world.

Once the food and eachother had been ravished, they moved into the living room where Naruto drew everyone’s attention.

“Tenten I’m so jealous! If only I’d stopped a few days sooner! I want a baby too!” Naruto smiled hugged Tenten warmly.

Naruto excused himself and opened the door to find Kiba standing outside.

What the fuck did you say to Hana earlier!?” Naruto was surprised as Kiba shouted in his face loudly.

“Naruto? How did you? Nevermind, just go please? I want to be alone right now.

Naruto kissed them away but she pushed him away so roughly he fell over the table, cutting his side deeply on a jagged edge.

” Naruto slapped himself inwardly for forgetting that the Inuzukas passed control of the clan down to females only unless there were none to take it and Kiba had already voiced his reluctance to lead the clan.

‘Kami if just that drop of pre caused me to cum, What will become of me soon?’ Naruto moaned and sent even more precum from the tip until it seemed a constant waterfall dripping onto her face.

Naruto found himself thrusting in and out of her hands wildly and gasped as he felt his cock slip between hot, moist lips.

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With primal fury, Naruto gripped her head and thrust into her throat so wildly it made tears form in her eyes.

Naruto’s hands were as busy as his mouth as he removed his pants, breaking the seal his lips had on her nipple only to strip his shirt and toss it into a corner.

Naruto, feeling what she had done, pressed his lips to hers once more just in time to swallow a scream of pain.

You must think me so weak I didn’t know it would hurt so bad.” Naruto smiled and licked her cheek.

Naruto did the same to her and pressed their mouths together swapping and mixing their blood.
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