Schoolgirl Drilled In Principals Office

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Schoolgirl Drilled In Principals Office
“Why of course. Emily, but you’re going to have to hurry, class starts in five minutes.” With that Emily walks towards the door, shutting and locking it.

“Well Emily, you are quite the slut aren’t you. You know, since you are such a little slut, why don’t you come over here and give me a blowjob. That way we can keep this between you, me, and Mr.Graves.” Emily’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“You know what Emily, why don’t you stand up for me.” Emily obeyed his command, wondering why he wanted her to stop.

Emily just loved getting fucked from behind, and made it known by pushing hard into every thrust Principal Hawkins had to offer.

Emily felt cum splashing against her open slit and now all over her ass.

Principal Hawkins emptied the last remnants of his seed onto Emily’s little pink anus.

“That’s a good girl. Now Emily, to keep this our little secret, you’re going to have to come and fuck me whenever I call. You got that?” Emily smiled with her satisfied cum covered lips, “Yes, Principal Hawkins.” Hawkins took her panties in hand.

Emily noticed his glance, and Mr. Newman’s smirk towards her direction.

“Well why don’t you find out for yourself, Emily, you little whore.” Emily unzipped his pants, pulling them down to see a huge impression in his boxers.

Emily couldn’t wait and quickly removed his boxers to reveal a limp seven inches.

Emily opens wide and tries her hardest to deep throat the huge member.

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“Mmmmm” Emily moans around the huge cock in her mouth as Mr. Graves starts pumping her pussy full of his shaft.

Mr. Newman takes advantage of the pistoning jolts Emily is receiving from behind and starts pushing his dick deeper into the cockslut’s throat.

Emily nearly chokes as Mr.Newman starts fucking her face.

“Uggghh!!!” Emily moans out in both pain and pleasure as Mr.Graves leans back, making Emily drop the remaining length of her ass down to the base of his cock.
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