Sex in a hotel room

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Sex in a hotel room
I didn’t like the idea of eating alone so I asked Lara, “Lara, would you mind if I ask you to have dinner with me?” “Uncle, actually my mother was a bit busy downstairs and I have got to help her out.” “Why don’t you call your mother for dinner too? You see I don’t like eating alone and always need company while having my breakfast, lunch or dinner.” “Ok Uncle, I would try to convince mom. Just give me five minutes.” Then she went out of the room and I laid down three plates with dinner.

Within five minutes Lara returned to the room closely followed by her mother, the lady I had met downstairs.

As soon as I had opened the door, Lara stood before me with a smile on her face and asked, “Uncle would you mind accompanying us for a morning walk?” “I was also about to go for the morning walk and I may as well accompany you” and I smiled back at her.

“Thank you Uncle Paul.” “It’s my pleasure, Lara.” We got down the stairs and out of the mansion where I saw Alice, waiting for us.

Lara had seen anxiety in me and told me, “Uncle, you don’t have to be worried. It is a harmless forest. There is nothing wild roaming in it and is as safe as your garden, if you have any” and winked at me.

In the evening Lara entered my room with a bottle of oil.

Soon my back was completely oiled and massaged and Lara told me to flip to my back.

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Alice was blowing me, Lara was licking her mother’s pussy and I was holding Lara upside-down so that I could lick her pussy.

Her moans were so great that Lara started to masturbate herself to orgasm.

Lara sat on the table in front of her mom and pushed Alice’s mouth to her wet pussy.

Alice began to lick it with good speed and soon Lara had her third orgasm!

Lara tried to make her mom ready for the anal by inserting her middle finger in her asshole and fingering it very fast.

Lara took my dick and pushed it on the asshole and I grabbed Alice’s butt and forced my dick inside her asshole.
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