Sexual pleasure with a well-tempered boy

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Sexual pleasure with a well-tempered boy
” Matt led her up the stairs and showed her into the den.

Friends for almost a decade, Matt had always harboured certain romantic and sexual urges towards her.

On one occasion, she had Matt to her house where she lived while studying.

Realistic enough to realise that any horny 20 year old in the same position would be just as quick to have a look, Matt discovered a heady mix of thongs, bras and negliges; skimpy, sheer and dripping with an erotic promise that made his head swim.

Matt collapsed on his couch and motioned for her to do the same.

Matt traced his fingers around what felt like a thong to her ass which he then gripped and pulled her towards his groin.

Helen peeled away the dress to her waist exposing breasts that Matt had been dreaming about for years.

Matt took the initiative and laid Helen on her back.

As his thrusting became more vigorous, Helen’s moans grew louder and every so often she let out a small giggle as she felt Matt’s big dick filling her pussy and brushing her clit.

“You are a big boy” she said in a jokey French accent as she began to move her hips in a steady, circular rhythm, her hands placed either side of his head. Matt slowly pushed against her stomach spurring her to sit up straight on him.

Matt closed his eyes and placed his hands on her hips as she wailed, louder than before.

Without a word she kissed him passionately before slipping off him and laying on the bed pulling Matt down with her, placing her head on his chest and stroking his still rigid cock.

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“Want to go again?” Matt said in hope rather than expectancy.

” Matt used the bathroom to get rid of his rubber.
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