Sexy Step sister Will Do Anything For Her Brother

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Sexy Step sister Will Do Anything For Her Brother
“Rebecca!” Deana said, “It’s see-through.” “I know,” Rebecca said and turned in a circle.

“Don’t mind her,” Deana said, “She’s an exhibitionist. She was walking around the store in a see-through wrap with nothing under it” Darlene and Gloria exchanged a conspiratorial nod and Darlene said, “She’s a sexy little thing.” Gloria whispered, “Sure is.” When Rebecca had a bikini on, the other girls stared in amazement.

“What happened to the bikini tops?” Deana said, “You’re here for the bottoms.” Rebecca said, “We didn’t think you could handle seeing Gloria in a teeny-weeny bikini top.” Gloria beamed with pride.

How incredibly hot would it be to fuck Deana’s girlfriend while she watched? “Who kisses better?” Rebecca didn’t react, but Deana and Evan’s head whipped around toward Gloria.

The accidentally on purpose encounter with Deana and Rebecca happened, but Gloria’s presence was a complication Darlene hadn’t anticipated.

Within minutes of walking away from Deana and Rebecca, Darlene felt a connection with Gloria.

“You too. Deana’s lucky.” “And Gloria, wow.” Rebecca swiped the back of her hand across her forehead. “Phew, don’t think that was her first time.” Did she mean first time kissing a girl or kissing him? “No, I don’t think so.” “She’s something…sexy…like her mother.” “Whoa, you checking my mother out?” “Mmhm, just like you do,” Rebecca said.

“Your sister thinks you’re wonderful…me too.” He watched Rebecca wipe the sweat off his shoulders and chest before asking, “Do you know about Deana and me?” Rebecca continued with the towel, dabbing at his stomach.

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“Who?” “So you think I have a nicer butt than Deana and Rebecca?” “That’s it!” Evan pulled Gloria down, straddled her squirming body and tickled her stomach.

“Naked, we were naked.” “That must have been a rush.” Gloria wanted to describe Darlene’s body in great detail and tell Rebecca everything that happened, but she didn’t want to get all worked up, so she said, “It was, mm, interesting.” “You and Evan-“Rebecca fanned her face-“That was hot…smoking hot.” Gloria’s face flushed with embarrassment and her nipples erected with excitement under the clinging fabric.
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