Sis Loves Me – Fucked my step-sister while she did

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Sis Loves Me – Fucked my step-sister while she did
As Debra walked down the hall, my attentive eyes never left her swaying ass.

Never missing a step, Debra continued walking while I raised her short slip and grabbed her au-natural female ass flesh.

Debra knew what I wanted so she straddled my legs and sat on my elongated, engorged cock.

My fingers ran all over Debra’s smooth, soft back flesh, her slender neck, and then buried themselves in her not-quite-dry hair.

In a sniffling, broken voice, Deb cried, “At least there is one man in this world who loves me! I love you, too, Jake; I have loved you for years. Even at an earlier age, you knew how to treat a woman. You were sweet, you were kind, and you were gentle. I have never had a lover who was as good as you; not even myhusband. Oh Jake, fuck me like you used to, like I have missed for years! Make me remember yesterday’s joys and make me forget today’s sorrows.” Bless my devilish soul, but Debra made my ego soar, she said forbidden words which thrilled my heart, and then she made my cock swell with her beseeching words.

Debra’s juices were soooo warm as they dripped down my bareback cock.

” Oh what a memory of sweet sex my sis had. I also remembered so I started lifting Debra just a bit at a time and then allowing her to drop back down.

Feminine cum lubricated my cockshaft so well that every inch was buried inside the greatest pussy in the world! Oh yes, my Debra had the sweetest pussy in the world.

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“Debra, my Baby, we must think of the future,” I admitted.

“Do we continue our half-incestuous, adulterous relationship past tonight or do we stop and seek forgiveness?” “William Jake Anderson, I will kick your ass and hit you over the head with a two-by-four if you even think of stopping fucking me!” Debra answered temperamentally.

” Still holding my stiffened, aroused cock, Debra ran out into the rain with me in tow.

Debra kissed me with as much fervor as I was kissing her, but this breathtaking female had other plans besides kissing on her mind.

Debra’s saturated abyss accepted the entire length and girth of my steel-hard cock and then she wrapped her legs around my ass.

Without my supposing she would do so, Debra’s body made a quick twisting movement in the wet grass and ended up with herself atop me.

Debra started cumming and right there on the rainy hillside she screamed, she wailed, and she cried as blissful orgasms beset her mind, body, and soul.

Marriage] Two months later Debra and I found a reason to expedite all our plans.

In my opinion, it was a successful occasion which served to introduce Debra and me as a couple and as husband and wife.
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