Sis Loves Me – Itty Bitty Step-Sis Bribed and Fucked

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Sis Loves Me – Itty Bitty Step-Sis Bribed and Fucked
Stretching her arm, his hands both collected and gathered upon her hand, spreading out the clenched in pain grasp of her hand before his tongue twirled upon the naked flesh of her palm.

Alex, my roommate whom originated from Germany, forced himself upon her, collapsing her body against my own as he made a meal of her by snatching her chin, forcing her to look upward into his own eyes.

As the others did what they wanted, I looked off to the side to where the grass was and stepped away, backward, my hand snatching a collection of her hair before tugging upon it, bringing her quickly and with a thud upon the grass blanketed ground.

While on the ground, their energetic exploration manifested in such a way that her sensitive, paper thin flesh scraped upon the grassy ground that it left stains upon her back – while rubbing her body clean of wetness.

Happy her lips now glistened as much as the rest of her body, if not moreso, she unintentionally tasted her own perverted fragrance as her teeth collapsed upon her lips, digging almost bloodily so into them to focus her mind from the overwhelming pain and embarrassment that seethed and seized her mind.

Crouching, my legs spread wide, my throbbing cock which begged to be free from my pants nuzzled into that wavy wet hair of BB’s, tapping her upon the head with it unintentionally, my focus was much more keen on another little experiment as I leaned forward, shuttering a little as I felt my manhood rub against her head before I reached my hand out just like so to snag her breast, not in a mean, cruel, or vicious manner either I just wanted it close by and in my grasp but Becky, she knew, looked, watched my hands carefully, protectively before her eyes shut, just feeling my touch upon her nipples even above that of the other people busily and hungrily devouring her made me happy that these tits were definitely delicate.

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Her hand, upon one of her breasts, rubbed it, trying to put out the flame of uncomfortable sensations of having it stretched so much and so ruthlessly.
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