SlSTER blackmailed to fuck

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SlSTER blackmailed to fuck
She introduced herself as Cindy Owens the local Cub Scout Leader.

Somehow he had gotten a hold of naked pictures of her and he had blackmailed her into sucking his tiny cock.

That wasn’t enough for them so they started fucking her every week since then.

So for the last two weeks they had come over to her house almost every day after school to fuck her.

Anyway that night near the end of their Cub Scout meeting one mother showed up early and peeked in her window to see a boy fucking her.

Cindy sobbed and said, “If you let me stay here out of sight, I’ll do anything that you want me too. I would rather be imprisoned here with you for three months instead of in jail for years. I’m the victim here, not those little bastards. It’s just until things settle down enough to let me get away and start over somewhere with a new life.” I took a good look at her.

I asked, “So you want to be imprisoned here with me for three months and do anything that I want you too?” Cindy said, “Yes. Anything.” I asked, “Even sex?” Cindy said, “Even sex. Would you like to start now?” I hadn’t had sex in years, hell I hadn’t even thought about sex in years.

I didn’t even know if I could get an erection let alone satisfy a beautiful woman like Cindy.

Cindy slipped her shirt off her shoulders, down her arms, and tossed it out into the hallway.
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