Smokin’ hot bod teen Angel takes it hardcore

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Smokin’ hot bod teen Angel takes it hardcore
He threw off his shirt and skinned down his jeans and pulled the biggest dick I had ever seen out of the fly of his jockeys.

Spit and precum flowed out my mouth and down my chest.

With my head in a vice like grip he unloaded a huge load straight down my throat.

After having dumped what felt like a gallon of cum down my throat, he was still rock hard.

As my orgasm finally let go, he hooked my legs over his shoulders and began to pull back out.

The best thing about out is that in was coming back any second.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum Susy, I’m gonna fill you up with my cream.” I think he was expecting me to tell him to pull out.

“I’ve been thinking, you wanna go out some time?” He was blushing, and I noticed he had a partial erection.

“My guys all think I’m a pussy now. Thanx.” I sat down beside him.

With his junk sticking out over the top of his waistband, it looked huge.

“Although we are rivals on the cheer squad, Susy’s a great girl with a smokin hot bod, especially in that suit she was wearing today.” I had about two thirds of his dick down my throat, and I could tell he was getting close.

“Something wrong lil brother? You look flushed.” I backed up an inch and then went back down again.

“Is Susy down there right now? You gonna cum soon lil bro? You have that look.” His body vibrated as I assume he nodded his head. She laughed again.

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“Go ahead and cum down her throat. I wanna watch you cum. You’re making me horny. Watch me jill off while you get your blowjob.” A groan escaped her lips.

“Don’t look so shocked lil bro, I know about the hole in my bedroom, I’ve been showing off for you for years.” Hands grabbed my head, and he shoved himself to the hilt as he unloaded down my throat.

Veronica had one breast uncovered and a hand still down her suit.

Taking off my suit bottoms, he spread my legs an began to eat me out.

“Oh god your not are you? You were having some kinda reaction, and they took you off. I’m gonna need to pull out soon.” Veronica lifted her head from my crotch.
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