Son fuck Step mom and comes twice

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Son fuck Step mom and comes twice
We sat at opposite ends of the sofa so that he was comfortable when he played with his dick inside his sweats.

I told him to keep the towel covering his dick if he did not want me to see his dick, but to take his dick out of the sweats to let it stand tall.

Steve had his tent going and was furiously stroking his dick.

His dick went back in his pants and he handed me the towel.

Steve told me he had always loved seeing other guys’ dicks even though he had never touched one.

Nice Steve you have precum on the head of your dick.

Being bold after that exchange, I reached my hand over and said let me help you with that nice dick Steve.

His hard cock felt so good in my hand, feeling the texture and the strength in his young dick.

As soon as I saw his hand move, I took my hand off my dick and he grabbed it.

One of the guys was getting his dick sucked now, but I did not think he would be ready to actually do that yet.

Tastes nice doesn’t it son? You did not know if you would like it did you? He let go and said he thought it would taste nasty that’s why girls did not suck dick, but it wasn’t.

You will have work to do before you are ready for dick.

My knees were between his legs and our dicks were pinned between our bellies as we kissed for a moment.

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My tongue attacked the bottom side of the head of his dick as I bobbed up and down on him.

Stroking the shaft of his dick, and letting my saliva flow down for a wet sloppy blow job, I worked the head of his dick in my mouth.

Soon as he started cumming, my hand stopped and my mouth locked in on the head of his dick and let him pump his load. When he was done his whole body went limp, and I let his dick fall out of my mouth.

After a while though, his dick was totally hard again, so I told him it was his time.

Really daddy? You want me to put my hard dick in your ass, wont that be messy and dirty.
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