Son with mother sex

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Son with mother sex
Lee didn’t know what to say to his mother, he was shocked that she would have done that to him, but still it did feel nice to have his sexy mother feel his ass.

Lee had long admired his mother, she was 42 now but still had a great body, she went to the gym regularly and had maintained a nice set of breasts they were just slightly smaller then April’s about the same as Dawn but like her daughters they had no sag at all which is quite a miracle to say she had 7 kids and breast fed them all! Marie was watching her sons face, his eyes were roaming her body, she felt her nipples becoming erect under the thin green t-shirt she was wearing and she felt her panties becoming wet under the tight jeans too.

Lee couldn’t believe what it was like to have his mother laid on him, her breasts pushed into his chest as they sank into the soft mattress, both were breathing heavy as their hands rubbed over their partners body, Marie’s hair falling over her face and onto her sons, tickling it and making him want to giggle.

Lee sat up slightly and raised his arms as his mother pulled it over his and dropped it off the bed, their was plenty of room on the bed for both, it was a double bed that Marie had shared with her husband and here she was now sharing it with her son.

Lee did as told and stood on the bed his cock slightly touching his mother’s body as he leaned to keep his balance.

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“Lee so far you have been just like your farther was, I’m not gonna tell you what to do I’m trusting you will instinctively know” Marie said with a knowing smile as Lee got back on the bed with her, his cock rubbing up to his mothers body as he got close.

SMACK! Marie’s orgasm exploded within her, she almost blacked out as her mouth opened but no noise came out and her eyes rolled back in her head. Lee felt the wash of cum flood over his cock, which triggered his own orgasm his cock twitching before it shot loads of sticky, thick cum into his mother.
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