Step Brother Cream pies Sister – Wolf

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Step Brother Cream pies Sister – Wolf
The noises from our bedroom sounded like Sue was home, but I knew she wasn’t, so I walked slowly, the door was ajar, my eyes popped out, Kim was fucking Stuart doggy stlye on our bed, with my 9 inche vibe, in the strapon.

Stuart then got the 9 inch vibe and shoved it up Kims butt as his cock went deep in her pussy, I could clearly see her butt take it all, as he fucked her hard, then as his balls began to swell, he shot his man seed deep inside her, Kim had a huge orgasm as his balls emptied inside her.

Kim pushed back, as Stu face fucked her now, again, I was in heaven, my daughters pussy gripped my cock tight, but I wanted to go for broke, with one quick move, I pushed my cock in her butt, it was so nice, soft and warm, but also still tight.

Fuck his arse was nice, knowing I was fucking a virgin bum, my son’s virgin bum, made it better, as all to soon, the feelings began, Kim now sucking his erect cock deep, I kept fucking him for some 20 minutes or so, he had several orgasms and was pushing back hard onto my cock now.

Stu had already blown one good load in Sue’s butt, as I refilled Kim’s butt with fresh cum too, when my cock slipped out I told Kim to sit over Sue’s face and empty my cum into her mums mouth, seeing this nearly made me cum again, as Sue ate her pussy.

Sue had put the strapon on, and inserted the dildo, I was on my knees, a good sniff and I was ready, with some lube Sue eased forward, my butt opened up taking the tip, then once in, Sue gave one hard push and all 12 inchs dissapeared deep inside my bowels, both kids let out a gasp, seeing me take it all, as Sue began to work up speed, I let her fuck me for some time, I lost count of my anal cums, as every inch went in, I was now licking Kim’s pussy as Stu stood behind Sue fucking her butt whilst she fucked me, what a kinky family I thought, as another oragsm raced though me.

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Then Sue pulled back, the didlo dropped out,in one quick move she lay on the bed, Stu still fucking her arse, as I sat over her fist, with one good shove I went down to her elbow, my cock shot up, cum splashed out, over Sue’s face, Kim kissed and licked it off, as I rode myself hard, waiting for the big finnish, With one or two strokes my cock exploded, Kim and Sue both trying to swollow it all, as they turned kissing deeply, Stu grabbed my hips his cock slid right in, it felt good, then he to jerked and began to seed my butt with hot sticky cum, he must have liked it, as 4 or 5 good squirts filled my innerds, as his cock slipped out, I moved sitting over Kims face, and with one good push, Stu’s cum ran out, Kim licked my butt and took it all.
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