Step Brother Fucks Sister And Her Best Friends While They Play Video Games

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Step Brother Fucks Sister And Her Best Friends While They Play Video Games
Faye carried away the surprise package for Becki and promised they would both be at the pub for lunch with Mike wearing their outfits.

The package contained a shiny silver dildo for Faye with a screw-on connection to replace a normal shower head. When inserted, it thrusts with pulses of water aimed at the g-spot and clitoris; she tried it out in the shower whilst waiting for Becki to put on Mike’s prototype device.

With the green button Molly injected more volts into Becki’s taught nipples and forced her to another juddering climax, which Pam, Faye and Mike tried unsuccessfully to hide from the other drinkers.

Becki just had on her magic thong and nipple rings, remotely controlled by Mike watching through the large windows, but she could not join in with her friends, as she had to lie down each time an orgasm coursed through her young nearly-naked lithe body.

Mike came in to rapturous applause from the ladies, kissed his wife Pam and asked for permission to fuck Becki, who could hardly refuse.

Mike stripped off and pushed into Becki’s soapy arse, while pulling her gently upwards by the breasts and tweaking her nipple rings.

Mike took inspiration from the image of Becki’s tiny breasts snuggled between the lightweight nipple ring arm-bands and Pam’s stay up stockings framing her juicy cunt straddling the masturbation machine.

Faye brought Molly, Becki and Gemma round to Mike’s workshop to review the very realistic photo-shopped pictures of ‘mk2’ on Molly’s young body, and to try on the new design prototypes.

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Mike turned on the new feature – a miniature web cam fitted to one leg strap and pointing straight up Becki’s pretty arse, displaying the live picture over Bluetooth onto his mobile phone.

Faye joined the writhing tangle of limbs on the floor, and despite being a devout lesbian allowed Mike to suck her cunt and briefly enter her arse in thanks for the pleasure he had given her 15 year old kid-sister Becki.
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