Step mom & auntie mallory play a game lady fyre & mallory sierra

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Step mom & auntie mallory play a game lady fyre & mallory sierra

The three girls were obviously drowning in booze, but aside from their supercilious nature, Tyler couldn’t deny that they looked great! Whitney, one of the biggest sluts he had ever known was also one of the sexiest girls he had ever laid eyes on.

Tyler had always teamed up with him in an unofficial truce whenever he played cards around him, and had always won just by following the boys lead. He prayed that the girls would decide to play! And with a little more convincing from her friends, Whitney did just that.

Tyler couldn’t wait to bet! The girls all bet ten dollars each, which was called until Tyler raised them to 25.

“To hell you’re leaving!” Tyler screamed, pushing Whitney back, the girl falling onto his bed before standing back up, looking very pissed.

“Good! I’ll print that out later tonight, but we can get started right away! Why don’t you follow me into the next room?” Tyler piped up quickly, “Hey man, you can’t just go stealin her…” “Ah shit bro, that’s my bad. Liquor must be getting to my head. I forgot, it’s your party, you should break these sluts in!” Eric turned to Makayla, “Look the three of you can make your money back by pleasing Tyler over there. On camera of course.” He added.

“Hey Tyler, mind if I get it in with Whitney there?” Jake voiced, Tyler forgetting he was there for a minute.

The two talked for a few minutes about nothing in particular before Tyler inquired, “So why were those assholes bugging you anyway? What did they want?” “Well, their ringleader over there, Jeremy, kept asking if I wanted a drink. I don’t think he’s stayed away from me for 30 minutes before coming back, bugging me about either drinking or going upstairs with him…” “Well, you could have texted me! I told you if you needed anything to just let me know. I could… be your boyfriend for the night, so he would be discouraged to hit you up!” Tyler said, thinking himself sly.
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