Step-Mother And Step-Daughter Domination

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Step-Mother And Step-Daughter Domination

Wonder Girl used her hands to spread Wonder Woman’s ass cheeks, and was rewarded with her first close sight of Wonder Woman’s ass hole.

Wonder Girl continued to tease Wonder Woman’s ass hole for several minutes, causing copious amounts of moaning from Wonder Woman as she writhed in pleasurable anticipation for the main event, her pussy leaking juices down her thigh.

Wonder Girl kept fucking her with her finger “It was only that tender after they had gotten a long hard ass-fucking, I wonder who was ass-fucking you?” Wonder Woman froze realising at once what Wonder Girl was doing, but before she could say anything the red headed guard who had spoken out before laughed “Oh the jewelled cock was giving it to her good about ten minutes before you arrived, you should have heard them going at it”.

Wonder Woman gently caressed her hair, causing Wonder Girl to flinch slightly, causing Wonder Woman to smile again in amusement.

Wonder Woman reached down and grabbed the golden cock at the end of the case, as Wonder Woman attached it around her waist, Wonder Girl couldn’t help but notice it was considerably thicker than the other golden cocks in the collection.

Wonder Girl sighed, “So I get to go into a big coliseum filled with Amazons who out rank me and who have giant metallic cocks while I get nothing?” “Pretty much” said Wonder Woman “Great” smiled Wonder Girl.

Wonder Girl didn’t understand what was happening at first, it wasn’t Wonder Woman punishing her, she was watching what was happening to Wonder Girl.

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Helena looked around scornfully at Wonder Woman and the Amazons “Then I met Wonder Woman and the Amazons, I wanted to dominate them all but let’s face it how could I take down mythically enhanced warrior women. I always knew about the Amazon sex caste system, being an expert in ancient Greece and desiring a way in, I became your precious Wonder Woman’s lover, letting her take me in the bed room”.

Wonder Woman got over her shock from Wonder Girl’s words and went to defend her “you can’t but her on that for the rest of the week its…” “Oh shut up” screamed Helena, “I don’t give a fuck”, she turned menacingly to Wonder Woman, “you know what, bend over your ass is mine you stupid bitch”.
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