Step Mother & Son’s Lost Weekend Practice Makes Perfect – silvia sage

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Step Mother & Son’s Lost Weekend Practice Makes Perfect – silvia sage
Then the second event occurred, which would force his hand, so to speak.

He could smell the sweet scent of her hair as she came nearer before leaning back against the door with her hands behind her.

He released his grip but kept his fingers around her, gently pulling his hand all the way down to her wrist, which he pulled forward to place her hand on the desk.

The full flat of his hand was now caressing her entire butt.

” He raised his hand back a foot or so and gave her a light swat, keeping his hand in place and squeezing.

Rubbing across to the other side he lifted his hand and repeated the motion with a bit more force.

She put her hands to her waistline and rolled the band one turn downwards, exposing the very small of her back.

“Good, just like that, now put your hands back on the desk.

After the sixth one he paused, taking his hand away.

With his open palm getting a full hand full of flesh, the fifth round was far more intense than the previous.

Would you like to rub you ass a bit to sooth it?” She gingerly ran her hands over her red bottom, trying to wish the sting away.

” He grabbed her hands with one hand, holding her wrists between his thumb and first two fingers, and lifted them slightly behind her back, making her bend over a little more.

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With her hands up in the air and her ass on full display, he gave her six more hard smacks.

Her shorts were soaked and her thighs were slick as he easily pushed the middle two fingers of his left hand into her aching slit.

With his hand like a hook, he gave her a deep, rough two-finger fuck.

She reach out her hand and grasped his penis, encircling it with her fingers, stroking the slick drop down the length of it while squeezing out additional goo.

She released his dick and sat back, giving her hand a long, lascivious like before placing it back in her lap with a disappointed pout on her face.

” Holding her hand to help her up, he grabbed the rope and tied it loosely around one wrist.

With one hand on her waist he used the other to position his dick between her clasped thighs, his legs on either side of hers.

He held tiny her waist in his hands, using her for support as he thrust up, lifting her higher onto her toes each time.
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