Step Siblings Caught – Step Sisters Ripped Yoga Pants

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Step Siblings Caught – Step Sisters Ripped Yoga Pants

“Yeah I do. I have two siblings. I have an older brother named Sean and my little sister Linda. Sean lives in New York and Linda is in Boston where I’m from. Sean is married with no kids. Linda is married and has three kids. She had a baby about six months ago. Me and her are close. We are six years apart from each other but growing up we were best friends.” I nodded while listening to her about Linda.

Her ass though! In the pictures Violet were showing me, Linda was at the beach in a bikini.

“Hey Luke. Dinner will be ready in an hour. Just got home from the airport with Linda. Hope to see you soon.” I text her back telling her I’ll be there soon.

It’s her sister Linda! And she looks way sexier than in the photos! “Hi how are you? You must be Luke. Violet has told me so much about you!” She extends her hand.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Linda. Violet has told me about you too.” She laughs and welcomes me inside.

“No problem Linda.” Linda is a little shorter than me.

It’s mostly Linda and Violet doing the chatting.

“Well I’m a student at the University of California in LA. I’m finishing up my Spring Break right now. I’m a friend of Violet’s. I’m into sports and I play lacrosse for my university. That’s…pretty much it.” I try not to make too much eye contact with Linda.

“Hey Linda.” “So tell me Luke…I want to hear more about your trip.” I tell her about Cancún and what me and Violet did while we were there.

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“Linda I’m going to cum soon!” Linda spits out my cock and jerks me off.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuck yes baby! Fuck my ass Luke!!” I begin to thrust in and out of Linda.

Her breasts are lactating again and her nipples are hard! Linda is so horny! “Fuck my ass baby.

Linda wasn’t as tight as Violet, which made it so much easier to thrust in and out of her ass.

The only girl I’ve fucked with a more loose ass than Linda was Rosa from Cancún.

“Oh Linda!” Linda begs for me to cum in her ass.
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