Step Sister and Brother Brandi Love

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Step Sister and Brother Brandi Love
She worked part time at my dads business in the office.

All dad ever said about her was that she was a good worker.

Dad wouldn’t allow me to ‘hang out’ at the office so I could be around her.

My sister Tina was cool, she keep Brandi coming over for a sleepover as much as she could, knowing I liked it.

We played around a little when mom and dad weren’t home, but that was it.

” Me: “Oh really?” Tina: “Yes, we are trying to arrange a sleepover when mom and dad are gone, and you two can have at it.

Stopping me so I could not open the door, Tina put her hand on mine and said: “Kurt, what ever you find you must promise to keep it to yourself.

Dad has a private hobby and it’s none of our businessOk?” I said: “Ok”.I opened the door. The first thing I saw was folders on the bottom and a stack of computer discs on top. The discs had dates on them and the letter ‘B’. Tina swallowed hard and said:”Ok, just a bunch of papersOk?” I said: “Relax Tina, I’m not going to disturb anything.

I had about two hours before dad or mom usually came home.

Third, Tina let me know that Brandi like me tooandI had some hot pictures of her naked.

When mom and dad weren’t around, our hands did the talking.

If dad ever left the safe unlocked, I wondered what the latest one had on it.

I watched dad go in the den and look at a book and then open the safe.

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This would be the latest disk dad had put in the safe.

Then I see Brandi and dad. He is having her get up on the table and pose for him.

Posing and dad feeling her body as he positioned her.

Now we made plans for when mom and dad would not be home.

I figured is was a sex tape of mom and dad, and dad had secretly recorded it.

Sis and I would have been in school, and dad at work.

Soit was ‘her’ recording something, and not dad.but this disk was in dad’s safe?

I ‘assumed’ it was dad’s private safe.

Dad had to know about this with the disk in the safe.
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