Step sister made her brother cum just before mom came home

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Step sister made her brother cum just before mom came home
“Isn’t French kissing, where a guy sticks his tongue in a girls mouth.” “I’m going to kiss you, just like I did over by the sink. When you feel my tongue on your lips, let your tongue touch mine,” As he leaned in for the kiss he stopped.

“Close your eyes, let yourself go. Besides your pretty eyes are freaking me out, when you stare at me like that.” She giggled then closed her eye They kissed, she feels his tongue on her lips.

“Spread wide for me baby. Let it happen, its not hurting you is it. It feels good, doesn’t it.” He stroked her faster.

“Oh yeah, you’re doing good baby. Now as you suck me, rock your head back and forth. And, if you really wanna make me feel good. Lick it all around the head, pretend it’s an ice cream cone.” She pulled away giggling.

“Ahh.Oh Alyssa.” His body tensed, feeling her lips around his shaft once more.

“Yes, I’m ok. I thought it would hurt more. Don’t worry just do it, I’m ok.” Her pain slowly subsides, she feels his cock thrusting deep inside.

“My coochies a little sore. The ocean makes it feel better.” Once out a little deeper, he held her in his arms.

“Come to bed lover. I remember you saying you were going to eat my pussy. And make it feel all better!” “That’s right baby sister. I didn’t forget, but there’s one catch to me eating that sweet pussy of yours,” He lay down beside her.

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Her lips feel so good; not to mention the way her hot breath and wet tongue feel, when she licks up and down his cock shaft.

Feeling his fingers inside her, she suddenly craves the feeling of his cock.

After one last kiss her body tensed, Brad feels girl cum flowing over his balls.

Alyssa feels his cock flexing, she feels warm sticky cum flowing inside the walls of her sex.

“I’ll go crazy trying to hide my feelings for you,” She kissed him.
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