Step Sister Maya Bijou Fucked By Her Sleep walking Brother

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Step Sister Maya Bijou Fucked By Her Sleep walking Brother
David stroked the girls’ skin, and his felt them shiver from fear.

“What’s wrong girls?” David asked them.

The two girls moved down to David’s groin, and Arla licked David’s length, while Maya focused on his balls.

David looked around and saw two teenage boys who he didn’t recognise, stood talking to each-other.

“You are becomingfirm. Hard. Erect,” David mentally commanded the two boys, and he grinned as bulges started to appear in the boys’ trousers.

“Alright, now let’s let you two feel the power of God first hand. And second hand.” David then stuck his hands out slightly, and made a grabbing motion with them.

David started moving his hands back and forth, and the boys moaned as they felt themselves receiving telekinetic handjobs.

“You’re a wonderful man, David.” David figured he should do at least one nice thing for them.

“Hey bro,” said David’s older brother Joe, who was also on the bouncy castle.

“I’ve been playing the lottery for 25 years and never won a thing, but you two won 100 million on your first try.” “I guess we’re just pretty lucky.” “Yeah, looks like the big man upstairs must really like you.” David liked his brother.

“Well actually Joe, I know for a fact that I’m God’s favourite guy in the whole universe,” David said proudly.

“What the fuck!?” Joe asked as he looked up at David.

“ListenI gotta go.” Joe got off the bouncy castle, and reached for his clothes, but David stopped him.

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Her black stockings make the cream pie extra sweet

David grabbed Joe’s hand, and dragged him through the garden and the house, making sure no-one would care about their nudity.

“Okay seriously David, how the fuck are you doing this?” Joe moaned as he felt the invisible girl deepthroat him.

Joe had somehow managed to be the school sports star while still getting good grades, while David had struggled in school.

Joe had been on $20,000 a year more than David for the last decade.

David just sat down next to Joe on the bed, and allowed his brother to ride out his orgasm.

“Holy fuck” David panted as he felt all the invisible girls vanished.
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