Step son fuck his slutty step mother

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Step son fuck his slutty step mother

Then the full weight of the situation I am in struck my head. Jack was just standing there, his eyes blinking in a peaceful rhythm, his face calm and his right hand still on my bare ass, slowly moving, no wait, He is drawing a question mark.

Me with so many thoughts in my mind, going back and forth analyzing things, and keeping me busy, there was Jack’s most anticipated hand, not on my boobs but on my hand giving me a look, a stare that said it’s okay, we can talk about it.

Spur of a moment is all it was and he didn’t gave me any time to think things through, now that time is the only thing on our hands.

“Why did the guy from the movie didn’t kill him?” “Why is my right hand is smaller than my left?” Wait it’s not.

“Why is a laptop not called a thigh top?” “Why is Jack’s dick not in my hand?” I moved my hand to my boobs and started squeezing them.

His finger is now moving so fast that I began moving my legs restlessly, My hands compensating it with his hard cock and soft hair, as made it touched my bare ass just above my crack.

Daddy, ahha aha ha hhhhahhh” Hearing this, He suddenly removed his fingers and inserted his cock in my wet pussy and hit my ass with his wet hand.

“You want to get spanked don’t you?, you want your ass turn red , ah” I felt his cock thrust harder as he shouted those words at me, with my hands now struggling to find a grip on the bed, he spanked me again lying sideways.

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His left hand hitting my ass so hard that I lost the sensation for a while and his right hand hard pressed against my head, pulling my hair as he went in and out, with changing rhythms.

“aaaahhh, ah , ah , ah , ahhh, ahh, ahh” the I felt it, my body shaking like never before, and I lost all control and energy that I gave up my effort of stopping his hands and laid there like a dead body with my first orgasm in months.

” “ahh ah ah ah,, yess, say it, tell me to stop” he said with a motion of his hand raising up to hit again.

“Onishiofsfow” I moved my hands to his ass as he fucked my mouth.

Uhhhhhh ahahhahahhhhhhhh” I said with no idea of what’s going on, as I wondered how could he be hard for so long? “Shut the fuck up” he said as he fucked me even faster as his hands held my legs up he finally came inside me with one last push he took his cock out, rubbed the remaining cumm over my body, fell beside my on the bed and took my head and forced it onto his cock again saying “lick it” but now in a normal and persuasive emotional tone.

Me with my hand over his head, and every part of my body begging me for rest, We finally dozed off to sleep.
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