Strip Gameplay Fifa18: Claudia Sevilla | Jordi ENP

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Strip Gameplay Fifa18: Claudia Sevilla | Jordi ENP
As soon as I whipped out his long, fat cock and put it in my mouth.

I sucked his large cock like a popsicle as cliche as that sounds.

Stopping here and there gazing into his eyes as I jerked on his stiff cock.

“I love your cock Mr. Dryson. The bigger the better.”, I said to him as I jerked on his huge man meat.

So I stopped what I was doing with both hands and gripped his hips as I shoved his cock down my throat.

He lifted me up and down on his cock as we started making out again.

After which he spit on his cock, rubbed it in and stuck his dick back in me.

Once he got his tip in he spit on his cock again and started thrusting.

Or the sound of his cock entering and exiting my booty hole.

He slammed his cock into me with big jabs and threw in a few fast reaction thrusts here and there as my booty met his pelvis.

Because my mind was still focused on Mr. Dryson and his huge cock.

“, the officer said handing back my license and insurance card.

“Oh sure”, he said, “I think about, how many was it. Fourteen cocks.”, the officer said leaning over on my window.

I was impressed with my own cock taking and head skills.

He turned the shower head away and I grabbed his cock with my other hand.

Even with both hands on his cock it still hung out of my grip.

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He was completely shaved and his cock had a beauty mark on it, a mole if you will.

“Hold on one second sexy”, he said pulling his cock out my mouth.

“Mmmhmmm, gimmie that cock big boy.”, I said.

He closed the shower door and squirted some lube on his cock.

He squeezed out a little extra lube on his cock and started sticking it in my ass.

He eased his huge cock nice and slow in my ass ass he gripped my hips.

I moaned uncontrollably, “Ohhhh yes, ah yea that’s good. Fuck you’ve got a huge cock.”, I said in between my moaning.

I could tell he was only working his cock in me a little bit at a time.

His humongous cock grew harder and harder with every insertion into my ass.
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