student lick her teacher in classroom

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student lick her teacher in classroom

“Do you want to come over to my house to make sure no one is waiting for me?” “Okay, can I touch your pussy when you drive?” Jaya laughed and said, “Only at red lights honey! When I get home you can help me take a shower then you can really fuck me.” Kavi had on the biggest shit-eating grin on his face when he got into Jaya’s car.

Jaya completely undressed Kavi, who seemed to be excited as Jaya when she removed his clothes.

Lathering Jaya’s body up, Kavi made sure Jaya was clean as a whistle.

With just his head of his cock up Jaya’s ass, Kavi began to stroke his shaft until he spurted into Jaya’s anus.

Jaya let out a sigh of relief until someone in the back threw Jaya’s torn to shreds bra up to the front of the class.

Harsha ran up giggling to Jaya and then unzipped the back of Jaya’s dress.

Jaya’s students positioned Jaya on the desk with her hand on either side of it, so she was forced to bend over.

Harsha reached between Jaya’s legs then gives Jaya a beaming smile.

The students had a study break so Jaya used that time to send text message to Kavi’s teacher asking to send him immediately to her classroom.

Jaya just about cheered when Kavi’s teacher sent her text back saying “Ok.” Jaya’s classroom door opened up and Kavi walked into the room.

“No stop Ms. Chopra! I’m still a virgin,” cried Harsha as she grabbed hold of Jaya’s wrist to stop Jaya playing with her pussy.

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“Don’t worry Harsha after today you won’t be a virgin anymore!” Once Harsha’s pussy was dripping wet, Jaya made Harsha put both hand on the desk like she made Jaya.

Jaya moved her chair to the front of the classroom, so Kavi could sit with his back to the class and Jaya would face the students while she rode Kavi.

Jaya could hear desks and chairs scoot across the floor when her students ran forward so they could touch Jaya as she came.

Jaya’s male students gently caressed Jaya’s body while she still had Kavi’s cock in her pussy.
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