Takes Trio of BBCs

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Takes Trio of BBCs
The caller id reveals it is Lucy’s youngest daughter, Haley.

“What’s wrong, Haley? You sound like your whole world is crashing.” “My stupid husband is neglecting me again, but I don’t want to go into it on the phone. Can we meet for a drink or something?” “Did you want to meet right now?” “Yes, if you can get free.” “WellCathy and I just got back from House Hunting. Is it okay if she comes along?” There is a short pause and then Haley says, “Surewhy not? We can’t keep any secrets in this family anyway.” Lucy is bewildered by Haley’s response.

Haley does get to explain to John that Cathy is her Sister and Lucy is her Mother.

Several of John’s friends gather around and marvel at the fact Lucy is the Mother and Haley and Cathy are really her daughters.

Lucy is still unsteady on her feet and is helped along by Haley and John.

Bill looks at Lucy and says, “Wowwhat the hell did you do last night?” Lucy shrugs her shoulders and answers, “I’m not really sure. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. However; I do remember thinking several times that I was experiencing some of the most astonishing orgasms.” “Mother!” Cathy screams.

“Don’t say another word. It sounds as if you are still intoxicated.” “Does anyone know where Haley is right now?” Lucy asks looking questioningly first to Cathy then to Bill.

“WellI think our first order of business should be to locate Haley,” Lucy demands.

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As the three exhausted women make their way to their car; Haley turns to her Mother and says, “MomI know I started the night complaining about not getting enough sex, but I can safely assure you that last night I indulged in enough wild lustful sex to last me for quite some time.” Lucy puts her arm around her youngest daughter, hugs her close and says, “I know what you means, sweetheart. I had a very pleasant evening myself.”
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