teen college chick is back with pov fuck and eating

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teen college chick is back with pov fuck and eating
College, luckily, fulfilled those desires quite adequately! So much for my previous sexual inexperience – between the two girls that fucked me for pot and all the other easy college girls, my dick was getting all the pussy it needed! Sometime before spring break, an older student I knew threw a huge party at his parents’ place while they were gone for the weekend.

“Oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum again! How many loads is this now inside her?” the guy fucking her said with a gasp.

The guy who was fucking her was getting fucked up the ass by another guy! I had never seen male on male on female action.

The guy fucking her ass and I began an efficient rhythm fucking in and out of her holes.

The guy who had been fucking the blond’s ass had her sit up so he could bend her over and fuck her from behind in the cunt.

As far as the eye could see people were fucked up and fucking and having a fucking good time.

“Yeah, now bitch, yeah, ohh, uhhh, ahhh, fuck I’m gonna cum up in your pussy, yes, oh yeah you’re such a good little slut! Oh, yeah, fuck, your cunt is gonna feel my cock explode up inside you! Fuck! Then I’m gonna make my fucking dog lick it out of you!” growled Chad as he pounded the girl mercilessly.

The crowd went wild! Some guys couldn’t even hold their loads- I saw at least two guys shooting off uncontrollably at the sight of the dog fucking the girl.

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Once my cockhead was between her pussylips I jammed my meat into her as far as it could go and started pounding the hell out of her, hard and fast as I could, trying to fuck my bitch as hard as the dog was fucking.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah, fuck! Oh my God, Chad, he’s knotting me, oh shit, shit, it’s huge, oh my God, it feels like a motherfucking football in my cunt! Oh, Chad!! Oh, ahh, ooooh, fuck, I’m gonna cum! Oh yeah, yeah, make me cum, Stetson, yes, fuck me doggy, good doggy, good boy, ohhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!” The dog slowed to a stop as the girl below him let out a long wail as she orgasmed.

My fingers rubbed the clit of the girl I was fucking as my cock twitched and spurted a massive load within her.

Cum spurting in many directions and being injected into pussies and asses and mouths! I continued fucking my girl while Stetson stayed on top of his human mate.
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