Teen Daughter Revenge Fucks Her Step Mom

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Teen Daughter Revenge Fucks Her Step Mom

Kaitlin kissed her father then went down and waited for her father to pull out of her sister.

Once her father’s cock was clear from her sister’s pussy she immediately sucked her father’s cock.

Kaitlin got on all fours behind her sister then opened her older sister’s pussy and tongued out as much cum as she could.

Then the two sisters swapped their father’s cum on the summit of the ridge.

Then once again it took some time and Kasey had to help align her father’s cock to her sister’s vagina.

Kasey returned the favor and told her sister to sit on her face and push their father’s cum into her mouth.

Then Kaitlin pushed her sister down on her back and then straddled her sister’s face and began to push her father’s baby making juice out of her young womanly pussy.

“Daddy is right. I need to be more faithful to Shane. You are right though Gene’s cock isn’t as big as daddy’s but he does really know how to fuck.” Madison sat on the bed and lay down spreading her legs pushing her sister’s fingers deep inside of her pussy.

” Ashley grabbing the dildo with one hand eyeballed her sister’s ass and began to laugh as she noticed her younger sister had her asshole plugged with a purple butt plug.

“Damn sis you do love your toys?” Madison turned her head and looked back and up at her sister, “I never had two guys fuck me at once.

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Just be a little gentle at first okay?” Ashley lined up the smallest ball between her sisters pussy and then gently pushed the first ball into her sister’s pussy.

Ashley seeing her sister’s cum oozing out took it upon herself to lean down and with her tongue began lapping inside of her sister’s pussy.

Madison had a smirk on her face as she surprised her sister as she began to work the butt plug into her sister’s asshole.

Madison returning the favor helped her sister off of her lap and fell to her knees and buried her face between her older sister’s legs and like a kitten hungry for the sweet milk to nourish her she ate her sister.
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