Teen gets fucked at party while friends watch

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Teen gets fucked at party while friends watch
Chet couldn’t stand pot or drugs and was about to protest when I shot him an icy glare that said don’t you fucking start.

” You love them big fat titties don’t you?” he always liked the dirty talk, which was good, because so did I. “Uhuh” he affirmed through slobbering on my stiff nipples ” wouldn’t you like them to see them bouncing as you fuck me?” ” Uhhuh”, slobber slobber slobber ” Sticking your dick in my hot hole” ” Uh huh”‘ While he was distracted and turned on I was unbuckling his belt ” Fucking me silly” Then I unzipped his fly ” Uh huh” Pulling down his underwear “Then fucking show me” I grabbed his cock in my head and I began to lower myself to his cockhe came in my hand.

” he stammered meekly ” Not a good idea to FUCK YOUR GIRLFRIEND? ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?” ” Charity, honey, please, they can hear us” “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHO CAN HEAR ME” ” Please, I’ll do anything if you just quiet down” I hissed at him, ” I want some fucking cock in my cunt, can you give me that?” He was white as a ghost, he was terrified and almost looked like he was going to cry, but this needed to be dealt with now.

To be more exact we saw his huge black hard dick ” Holy cow Charity, that’s a large penis”, he said stupidly ” It’s fucking perfect” I smiled I pressed the button to roll down the window and he steeped right up to the window.

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The mystery BBC grabbed me by the back of my head and started fucking my face and throat just like William did in the bathroom stall.

All the time I’m taking it with a huge plastered grin and I just kept cumming from the hardcore fun ” OH fuck, I love your big fucking cock!”, I hollered out loud William ket fucking away at me harder and and harder untill he pushed me on to the hood of the car, luckily Chet’s car was running or the cold would have killed me.

” What about them?” ” The reason you haven’t met him is the same reason Chet doesn’t talk about his ex girlfriends ; his father always ends up fucking them?” That kind of made since, he talked about his father but Chet never wanted to introduce me to him.
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