Teen – Home Alone Teen Gets Brutally Fucked By Burglar

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Teen – Home Alone Teen Gets Brutally Fucked By Burglar
A true pretty boy but the youthful masculine type of boyish beauty that was capable of making a Mark’s cock throb.

Mark snickered at the frightened teen burglar, “17, old enough for real jail. Why are you afraid of jail, boy? Do you know what happens to pretty young boys in jail?” The teen blushed and nodded.

“Standard equipment, boy. Nothing to be ashamed about. Balls are hanging in a tight bag, soft cock is cut and looks more than average. Not every guy can have a huge cock like mine. But I’m sure when your erect that females have been more than willing to please you. Your little willy doesn’t have to be big for what me and you are gonna be doing.” Mark looked the kid up and down.

Mark chuckled, “Don’t start bawling yet, kid. Your ass is gonna be the last thing I touch. First you gotta learn some oral servicing techniques.” Mark moved his hand to the naked butt cheeks.

Mark’s cock had never lost it’s fully erect state, it began to leak precum again as the pretty straight boy licked and sucked his arm pit.

“That’s a good little straight boy, give that hairy pit a good cleaning boy. Move that tongue, suck that pit!” Mark groaned out the orders.

“Naw, boy. Suck it. Suck that nipple hard, use a little teeth. Suck it between your teeth and bite it gently. Suck it really hard but bite down gently. Make my nipple as hard as you’ve got my dick, pretty boy.” Mark growled.

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“Okay, now it’s time to move down a little. Lick out my navel, boy. Lick that navel really good, give it a nice tongue bath with that pretty tongue of yours.” Mark growled.

“Now lick your pretty little mouth down to my cock, boy. I’ve been leaking precum since I laid eyes on you. Lick my precum off my cock head.” Mark demanded.
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